A SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING AND A NEW FOREST FOR FILPUCCI, leader in the creation of yarns for high-end knitwear and needlework.

packaging, editorial

CRSL Carosello Lab designed a Christmas gift box for Filpucci, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end creative knitwear yarns. The box reflects Filpucci’s ethical obligation to the environment: the company is designing all its processes to lower CO2 emissions and become plastic-free. We wanted to present this commitment through the box itself: we started from choosing Refit, a new sustainable paper from Favini, composed of 15% cotton and wool by-products from textile manufacturing processes.

The design is minimal, to enhance the material properties of the paper and the urgent nature of the topic. The box contained a reusable water bottle and a glass coffee mug, as requested by Filpucci. But we wanted to add something unique for Filpucci’s clients: a new tree for each of them. We suggested a partnership with Treedom and a new forest was born 🙂

The box contains a small booklet that synthesizes Filpucci's commitment to sustainability and innovative production methods.

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