For several years I have been wondering about the process that leads to change. After 13 years of Carosello Lab, I feel confident in what we produce as a creative studio and, for this reason, I’m happy to expose ourselves to the risk of a brutal rebranding, for the pure pleasure of following my instinct. From 2008 to today we have grown as persons. Our taste has evolved, parameters have changed.Thanks to this brand new confidence and awareness, we decided to cut with the past. The cut is represented by our new logo. Carosello Lab has stripped itself of the redundant, of the attributable to something else. It lost the word Lab, which I never really represented us, as well as all the vowels to symbolize the new route to be taken. Losing the superfluous is what best represents our creative practice today. Direct and versatile. Minimal but limitless. I asked my team to interpret this change, representing it instinctively and in a short time. Welcome to our new playground.


Enrico Caputo, CRSL founder and creative director. April 2022


Milan, April 2022