Pastabilities is a research project realized in collaboration with Atso Shurhozelie during her internship at CRSL. All photographs are by our sister company Food Pirate Studios.


The concept of this project involves the utilization of imperfect vegetables to infuse in the creation fresh pasta. The central theme of this concept is to fight food waste and it’s structured around the four seasons. It focuses on vegetables that are either bountiful and prone to having irregular shapes during each respective season, transforming visually unappealing products into something beautiful. Thereby turning the “ugly” into something aesthetically pleasing and delicious.

Autumn Leaves: leaf pasta evokes the falling foliage landing in velvety pumpkin sauce, garnished with crispy guanciale and sage leaves.

Winter Snow: black pasta with sweet potato and ricotta filling: the enchantment of winters serene beauty, drenched in burnt butter and sage.

Spring Flowers: a blooming pasta flower filled with savory delights, capturing the essence and the contrasts of a vibrant spring morning.

Summer Waves: swirls of pasta recall the waves of the summer sea, enriched with tomatoes and aubergine for a refreshing and salty experience.