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Georges Briard was an eclectic high-end homeware company founded in 1947. Well known for its unique approach to glassware, dishware and everything in between, the brand was inspired by eastern Europe folk craft, the avantgardes, popular culture and traditional decorative motifs. From the 1950s to the ’80s its signature became synonymous with a whimsical, extravagant, even ironical take on luxury. In 2021, after thirty years out of the market, CRSL was challenged with the task of creating a new brand identity to support the relaunch of Georges Briard as a protagonist in contemporary homeware.

Our main goal was to create a modern yet nostalgic look and feel that would appeal to a new generation of design enthusiasts while also retaining the brand’s original charm. The result is a fresh and contemporary look that still paid homage to the brand’s history.

As always, our approach to brand design has been systematic and oriented to timelessness and ease to use, while the whimsical and ironic heritage of Georges Briard style is revitalized through a series of animated illustrations.


For us the design process is mainly a dialogue. This is why we worked in close collaboration with Georges Briard’s creative director to define a clear strategy that could then be translated in the brand’s visual and verbal assets. We ideated the concept NOT A COMMON PLACE, that eventually became the mantra that guided every art direction and design decision. In fact, Briard’s items are conceived and designed to allow customers to express their individuality in their home, making it their own “uncommon place”.

Georges Briard was known for its signature, that was reproduced – usually in gold – on every product. We loved the personal touch, and therefore decided to keep the signature as a main element of the identity. Briard, an artist, designer and viveur, loved to express himself in sketches, paintings and words. To pay tribute to his creativity and humor we selected a number of witty quotes and used them freely across the identity.

Part of CRSL’s assignment has been to reinterpret Briard’s illustrations and adapt them to the new collection of ceramic vessels for scented candles for which we supported Georges Briard’s team in prototyping and production.

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