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Part of our rebranding assignment, the new Modena FC’s website and e-commerce have been a challenging task for our team: probably the largest web platform we designed so far. We had to take in consideration countless aspects, both from the marketing perspective and that of the fans.

We started designing the homepage: a big dashboard, containing all the valuable information the supporter would look for, like last results and news, and also customizable by the media team to fit the needs of a specific moment, like with subscription campaigns or merchandising drops. This functional approach have been preserved for the rest of the website with what we call the sidebar: two customizable blocks right below the website. Different pages of the website could have different contents in the sidebar, so the user could be driven through paths which are consistent with the initial query.

The layout of the website is basically designed to fit 4 main columns: the first on the left is always filled by the sidebar and it isn’t subject to scrolling, while the remaining three columns represent the actual web page, which can be scrolled and navigated normally. Every page of the website refers to an exclusive layout, designed to enrich the user experience.

Every page of the website is designed to manage informations in a clever way, in order to make them more accessible and easy to consult. For example the calendar is made of two columns so that you can confront the results against a specific team during the first and second round of the championship.
The gallery, just like the home and a few other pages, is not subject to vertical scrolling
In some pages, such as that of the gallery selection, the site uses hover effects that apply a duotone filter to the images with the code, without the need to load two different visuals

The e-shop is presented with extreme clarity, achieved by a clean and organized layout, with big product images and a massive use of the typeface we designed for the team’s brand identity, Modena Sans.

Social Posts
Social posts are designed to support the football team's activities with informations useful to access even after the event is finished, like a milestone: their function could be to inform about last match, to celebrate a spectacular or valuable goal, to advertise about an initiative or the release of a new multimedia artifact.
Some of the templates developed are actually about pre-existing formats, visually re-designed to work both as a post and, for example, as a podcast episode cover.

Unlike posts, Instagram stories have the peculiarity of providing ephemeral information, mainly useful in a short and defined time period. They are designed to support live matches with information, such as date and time, line-ups, call-ups, scorers, and partial results of a specific match.

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