Branding human-AI collaboration.

logo, brand identity, website, copywriting, photography

Cosmo IMD is an Italian tech company developing Intelligent Medical Devices to empower physicians and improve patients’ lives.

With cutting-edge technology that leverages AI to improve medical device accuracy, Cosmo IMD is poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Their products have the potential to save lives, improve patient outcomes, and drive innovation in the field of medicine.

To achieve this vision, CRSL designed a brand that captures the essence of the company’s values, mission, and technology. Working in close collaboration with Cosmo IMD we developed a visual and verbal identity that inspires confidence, trust and excitement among stakeholders and potential employees.

As a high-tech company leveraging AI, the brand is be sleek, modern, and cutting-edge. Our primal goal has been to convey the technical expertise, innovation, and sophistication of Cosmo IMD products, while also highlighting the human impact of their technology.

CRSL created a brand identity manual that outlines the guidelines for how Cosmo IMD should be presented visually and in writing. The purpose of this manual is to ensure that the brand is presented consistently across all channels and touchpoints, and that it effectively communicates the company's values and mission.
The logo emphasizes the balance between the human factor and AI, working cooperatively to improve healthcare practice.

The combination of deep navy blue, bright green and metallic silver creates a color palette that conveys professionalism, innovation, and reliability, which are all key qualities for a high-tech brand at the forefront of human-AI collaboration.

Part of our assignment was to design a website that would communicate the company’s innovative and smart identity to the target audience. The previously defined brand identity has been seamlessly integrated in the website resulting in a clean and modern design that pushes the limits of what is considered the norm in the field of medical devices.

Besides an unparalleled technical know-how, to develop innovative AI solutions is a matter of creativity and imagination. To convey these fundamental assets we designed a series of animated 3D objects. These conceptual and abstract animations are an integral part of the identity, working alongside typography and color to establish the Cosmo IMD brand.

Conceptual illustrations representing the value and know-how of the company.

CRSL defined the photographic style and realized the portraits of Cosmo IMD employees and management team. The portraits convey a sense of professionalism, approachability, and technical expertise, while incorporating the brand’s colors and visual identity in a subtle and sophisticated way. The lighting is even and natural-looking, the composition is clean and balanced and the subjects are be portrayed with a relaxed and approachable demeanor, conveying their competence and expertise in a friendly and accessible way.

Cosmo IMD team
A selection of the images we shot in Cosmo IMD offices in Rome and Milan.

A project by CRSL Carosello Lab.
Copywriting: William Crerar.
3D artworks: Davide Formenti Arranz.
Web development: Incode.
Motion design: Luca Porracchia.

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