A self-initiated project, launched at the beginning of covid-19 pandemic to inspire and unite people through beauty and creativity.

book, website, fundraising

During the quarantine period, our team engaged remotely in the creation of this project: it had been a challenge against time. The idea was born on March 25 and was implemented and launched in a few days thanks to an excellent team work. In less than two weeks, more than 2,000 proposals have been sent: after careful revision, today the digital archive presents more than 350 works from 44 different countries. These include illustrators and designers of the caliber of Malika Favre, M / M Paris, Gio Pastori, Anagrama Studio, Akatre and many others. In the first month, the website received more than 20,000 unique visits and the instagram profile @designers.against.coronavirus more than 7,000 followers.

The most important goal of DAC, in fact, is to raise funds to fight the virus epidemic, by supporting the Italian Red Cross, through a direct donation button on the initiative’s website.

Pictured above: DAC frontispiece displays Malika Favre’s “The front line”, a tribute to all the medical staff fighting COVID19 around the world who are putting their health on the line for each and everyone of us.

Given the success of the instagram page, CRSL Carosello Lab decided to transform the digital archive into a book, to leave a physical testimony of the project while continuing to raise funds for the Italian Red Cross.

The book is on sale exclusively on the e-commerce of the Italian Red Cross, to which the entire proceeds of the purchase will be donated in a direct and transparent manner.

A curated selection of the website, the book contains 272 artworks, 17 interviews with internationally renowned designers and illustrators, two short introductory essays and an encouraging message from the President of the Italian Red Cross, Francesco Rocca.
We interviewed 13 top creatives from all over the world. In these short conversations we explored different ways of reacting to the pandemic both from a professional and personal point of view.
Homepage of as it was launched in early April 2020.

The project has been internationally recognized, awarded with a mention at the ADC 100TH, a bronze at the ADCI Italian Art Director Club Awards and a silver trophy at the ADCE European Art Director Club awards.

As part of the project we created our own artworks. Posters by Enrico Caputo, Kim Costantino, Riccardo Fuccelli, Luca Porracchia.
In this visual journey that tells a never-before-seen global health and economic crisis, Carosello Lab has collaborated with great partners who have made this book a reality.
Thanks go to the Italian Red Cross who financed the printing of the book, Fedrigoni for donating the paper, Luxoro who donated the clichés and foils for the cover, Grafiche Antiga who took care of the printing at reimbursement of expenses and Artalia who offered legal advice on copyrights pro-bono.

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