Visual identity and website design for Scuderia Media, a creative production and digital strategy agency, based in Milan and London.

logo, brand identity, web design

When Scuderia asked us to create a visual identity for their multidisciplinary creative production agency, we looked for a logo that could tell the vision of its founders: to create meaningful work for first class clients.
Based on this assumption, we have found in the Herakles Knot a perfect synthesis of this concept, useful to define a vision about the client-agency relationship. The resulting visual identity speaks of professionalism, timeless elegance and high-octane passion for creating relevant project.

The entire identity is based on a precise application of the typographic system, which, combined with a bold usage of the logo, generates a contemporary and essential visual language.

The website also reflects this rigorous and minimal nature, with the aim of highlighting the quality of Scuderia’s projects, accompanying them in a neutral and functional way. The identity is also enriched using the simple but impactful visual language of blurring elements, like on the navbar, on the hover and on the cursor.

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