Celebrating the Tenth anniversary of Signorvino, the great Italian Cantina.

packaging, copywriting

Since 2012 Signorvino offers – online and in store – the largest selection of Italian wines, so we were very excited when they approached us to create a limited edition bottle celebrating their Tenth anniversary. Consistently with the brief we named the wine Decennium, the Latin word for decade, and designed an iconic and monumental X, the Latin number for ten.

The wine chosen by Signorvino is Roeno’s Trento Doc Riserva. A “metodo classico” aged 10 years on its own yeasts, 100% Chardonnay base from the high hillside vineyards of Trentino, close to the mountains.

We always take great care in choosing materials and printing methods. In this case, we created a tridimensional effect on the X by employing a technique called microembossing. The gold foil acquires volume by reflecting the light in different directions.

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