A identity for clean-tech development accellerator

logo, brand identity, website

Ground Control Holding is a forward-thinking company dedicated to nurturing and supporting cutting-edge clean tech startups in their development journey. This brand identity project establishes Ground Control Holding as a prominent player in the clean tech industry. The cohesive branding conveys their commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability while attracting startups and investors alike.

The logo is inspired by the tension that keeps atoms and molecules together. This invisible force is represented by the thin line that connects the two parts of the symbol, that can be seen as a G or C simultaneously. This insight has been formalized in a high-tech look, resulting in a powerful icon that finally was translated in an animated 3D design for digital communication.

The identity has been applied on a huge variety of supports, from physical to digital.

The website design is clean and minimal, with sleek typography and a generous use of white space. The visual identity is brought to life by cutting-edge 3D animations and dynamic color gradients.

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